About the poet

Afshan Sajjad is an educator and poet. She is currently the Head of the Urdu Department at Lahore American School, where she has been teaching High School students for the past ten years. She has widely published her poetry and blogs in national and international magazines  and is the author of an Urdu poetry book by the name of ‘Jo Dil Pe Guzarti hai.’ and also a book of poetry ‘A change in the light'(naye rang roshni ke)where four Pakistani and four Scottish poets translated each other’s work in English and Urdu. She has also served as a judge of poetry recitation competitions and took part in poetic discussions on television. Afshan Sajjad participated in various Urdu Mushaayeras and has written Urdu songs as well as scripts for some plays for students. She holds a masters degree in Urdu from Punjab University, Lahore.